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Bolonia Trip. See the pictures below
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Jim Bray



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Probus Club Costa del Sol

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Relax and enjoy the company of your fellow Probus members, all inclusive, so you donít have to worry just enjoy the company. 
 You can even get off the ship, if you must, and see CasaBlanca
(Well Rickís bar)
and Tangier.
Donít miss this opportunity!
Contact Jim Bray NOW!

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†††††††† What a week to hit top Form!† Yes Frank Weedon scores an unbeatable score in Presidentís Cup week, with 19 pts. he takes the honours and leads the Presidentís Cup.† Well done Frank!

Text Box: Frank Weedon would like to hear from you if you are feeling under the weather and would like to share this experience with your fellow members.
Please Email Frank at
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WebMaster Chris Cock


tel. No. 951249038

The New President
 takes OfficeYour Welfare Officer

Martin Pearce came across this monument, to the FIRST Constitution, at Cadiz.

Cabins still available
 make your booking 

The intrepid Duo venture to Roman times at Bolinia

I have just arranged a social evening  at Miraflores G.C on Friday 27th September

With Michele Daniels Who will be performing her new Tribute act  ďCHER ď

The cost will be 40euros pp including all wine _beer and soft drinks. The bar will be open until 11-30 pm

I have just receive the menu once I have looked at it I will inform all.

Jim Bray ( President )


Miraflores Dinner
27th September
Make your reservation
NOW!Text Box: If you want any photos please Email Chris Cock