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       Our golf continues on this glorious little golf course they call La Noria. This week was extraordinary.  It was not just because of  high scores, not just because I won!  No, the main reason is the stiff competitive nature of the wonderful players who grace our little golf society.  

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Closed† due to Covid 19

Government restrictions on Social distancing until further notice!

Awaiting further news as we enter phase 1 easing.

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Text Box: My talk on Electric cars had to be cut a little short, partly due to the interest shown by members and their subsequent questions and discussion. I therefore attach the transcript of my talk if you are interested to know more.

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The intrepid Duo venture to Roman times at Bolinia

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Simon ( Iím Struggling here!), Frank Iíve not got a clue, David the Genius and Gordon I can hear him, but Iíve not got a clue what heís saying.

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Survival in Fuengirola

    After spending the greater part of our married lives as rural peasants, Frances and I moved to the big city (Fuengirola) some eleven years ago and face lock down without the support of a vegetable garden.  Well, our pot plants did yield a couple of oranges and some lemons last year but none of the standbys that Brits, at home or abroad, reckon on.
Our penthouse is easy to isolate and interactions with our neighbours distant but friendly, more distant now, with no lift sharing, handshakes or pats on the back but more friendly too; being among the old crocks of the area we have had unsolicited offers of help from younger Spanish residents.
    Every evening we join the "clapathon" and applause echoes between the neighbouring flat blocks.  It disturbs the pigeons but the wretched yellow legged gulls remain unperturbed as they cruise scornfully overhead.  On occasions, the local police join in with their sirens and have even serenaded me on a trip to the basuras, we clapped each other enthusiastically; I paused to exchange greetings with neighbours on a lower balcony but backed off when the police returned, I have no dog to walk and a basura trip can only be extended for a short space of time.
By virtue of our age group and past medical history, an infection might not go well with us so we do take pretty rigorous precautions.  Although it limits choice, all groceries and drinks are delivered and we disinfect packages on arrival.  Our tea of choice is PG Tips (no accounting for taste is there?).  Not being available from our local supplier, we have today placed an order on Amazon Spain that should extend our stock for another couple of months.  Our terraces give some opportunity for movement and I now try to take a thousand steps a day but after that boredom terminates the adventure.
    Dog ownership is the passport to limited freedom of movement but at least one neighbour must be even more timorous than we are as dog traces were found in our large communal garage.  That misuse has been brought to an end and the community areas, right up to our front door have been disinfected.
    A fibre optic cable brings communication into our flat and we are in very regular touch with family in three different countries, Frances' online bridge club runs hot and I research all kinds of weird things, with which to bore others at some future date.
Stay safe,