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Text Box: Our founder asked to send his best wishes to the club when I met up with him at my old Golf Club; we had LUNCH!!!
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Stuart Harvey

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Meet 9-00 hrs for 9-30 hrs tee-off.

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Probus Club Costa del Sol

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El Chaparral Golf Club
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Jim Bray  
Social  Secretary.
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Get your brains working.  Try some of Gordonís teasers.
Text Box: Text Box: Martin Pearce thrills members with tales of the Napoleonic wars and threats by spies in his talk on the humble Good Old British Passportóor is it BRITISH!
See the whole script if you missed it!
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Text Box: Friends of Project Music Management ( FPMM) was formed in late 2017 to encourage and succour the performance of classical music & artistic pursuits on the Costa del Sol, especially by younger performers; and in a relaxed setting with drinks & tapas style food.  
The Musicians come from many parts of the world and concerts are given in La Cala, at Avanto, and in Marbella, most months of the year. 
In October a seven day festival " SALIDA del SOL III" takes place of international styles of music, ending with a "Last Night of the Proms " style finishing concert. 
On May the 25th we welcome" the Kingsmen", an all male cappella from Columbia University, New York
On June 11th "The Ramparts" singers from Ireland; July 9th A Cello & Piano concert from the USA
                        For current  & upcoming Concerts
please contact Simon Baldwin - Purry on wickedlawyer@gmail.com
Friends of Project Music Management

This week saw the first week of the Chris Cock Claret Jug Trophy held over the month of September and the early runner is Jim Bray with a good score of 18 pts.

Well done Jim, but thereís three weeks to go and plenty of time to get two good qualifying scores.† See the report below.

Text Box: Wow! Martin Pearce
Gives us another fantastic insight into the world of pen knives.
Marvel at an intriguing ĎPen Knife Kití
A boy scouts dream!
Click here to see how you could relive your boyhood.
President's Night a Smash!

Maryla, Robert & Rose

having lunch at a Pub in Essex

Brexit Text Box: This is where you can ask your questions and members can provide THEIR answers and thoughts!

Questions like:
If Iím a Spanish resident will I be ok to live here after Marchí19?
What if Iím not a resident. Will I be able to continue to live here?
What is a non-Tax resident?
How do I apply for residency?
Can I decide after March Ď19?

Do you have any questions?  Can you answer any of these questions?
Let me have your questions or your answers and I will post them here on the link page!
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Questions & Members answers
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