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Text Box: Our President will be absent on Tuesday due to his 
Planned operation and we wish him well for a successful outcome!  Get well soon Stewart.
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†Our New President

Stuart Harvey

WebMaster Chris Cock


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Meet 9-30 hrs for 10-00 hrs tee-off.

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Probus Club Costa del Sol

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The next social event is on Friday 1st June at the

Calanova G C at a cost of 35 euros with Helenna Paul providing the entertainment.  Hope to see you there !


Jim Bray 

Social  Secretary.

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We all feel sad at this time and our thoughts are with Roger Hartís partner and family!

The funeral was held in the UK on Wednesday 2nd May.

Bill Hodgson and his wife Dianne and Derek Simcox and Monica attended.

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Text Box: Chris Cock
Claret Jug Trophy
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Robert Godfrey Founder
Our President 
Frank Garvey
Basildon Probus Club
Vice President
Roger Savage
President's Night a Smash!


Probus LinksText Box: Hi Everyone. 
    Well what can I say other than what a fabulous night we had at Miraflores G C . I personally thought the food was very good ( I did not receive any complaints) so I have assumed everyone enjoyed it. And the staff, no one waiting for service, really on the ball. 
    Well entertained by Ricky Lavazza with people up dancing, and John Kiddle  helping out  with the singing, ( donít give up the day job  John.)  I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED THE EVENING. WE HAD, 53 PEOPLE IN ATTENDANCE,  THANK YOU ALL.
Jim Bray  
Social  Secretary.
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Get your brains working.  Try some of Gordonís teasers.

The Fez man cometh!

Chris takes the reigns as Acting Hon. Secretary.

He protests at the banning of Hats at the lunches!

Frank Weedon pointed out it was TIES not Hats!!!

What a relief Frank -† at least Chris didnít tell a Joke!!!!

But he did get a LAUGH!

Text Box: May lunch shananagans!!!!Text Box: Martin Pearce thrills members with tales of the Napoleonic wars and threats by spies in his talk on the humble Good Old British Passportóor is it BRITISH!
See the whole script if you missed it!
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