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Who said Golf was no matter of life or death Ö.it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT!†

I did!† Well, I borrowed the prase from Bill Shankly.


The Horners match on Friday was a tough challenge for our golfers against the weather and a sterling challenge by the Horners. Some capitulated ( not mentioning any names Chris) but the team came through with a magnificent 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 pts. win at the Europa course.

The trophy was presented to Frank Garvey at the gala dinner on Saturday night held at the Tamisa Hotel.

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League Table


John Milne

John Milne receives the

Presidentís Cup

from the President Frank Garvey

The Presidentís Cup

(Unofficial Club Championship)

donated by

Simon Baldwin-Purry

End of Year Golf Dinner


Golf Vice Captain

Sid Owen

Frank Weedon

receives the Presidentís Cup runner-up

Trophy from

The President

George Jackson


The Chris Cock Claret Jug Trophy


Chris Cock

Gus Drake


The Gus Drake Trophy


The President

Chris Cock

Entertains the diners with a version of† Bennie Hills The fastest milkfloat in the West

†with his ĎAlonsoóhe drove the longest golfball on the coastí

Frank Weedon takes runner up spot

in the Presidentís Cup

Gus Drake wins his Trophy


Below a fellow diner gets into the act!

Gordon tells a joke

Oval Callout: Iím on a diet