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Frank Weedon



Date: 19th Nov 2020

Probus members and guests,

          It seems that the golfers are in great form at the moment, with the odd exception.  And it’s good to hear that John Bark is not afraid to get his handicap cut, even off 3.  John had another great round and scored 19 pts. to be cut to a handicap of 2.  But even with this score it was not enough to win this week as John Kiddle, obviously enjoying taking responsibility for proving me with the ‘ Ammo’ for this report, had a fab…u..lous round. 


        Yes, John,  I think I’ll change my name to John it seems a winning name at the moment. John scored an incredible 21 pts. to mount the winners rostrum; I hope you’re fellow players gave you a hand-up.  From those dizzy heights, John, I have to announce you are CUT four shots! And now you will play off  22.


        Well done John!  And he was not finished there, he was also nearest the pin on the Eighth but sadly failed to claim his birdie and the bottle of maturing wine.  Better luck next time!


       At the bottom, I’m given to understand, that our Captain and Stan Hegarty fought the good fight to conquer the field as the strongest player.  And after a tense study of their score cards it was decided that Stan won by a ‘Nose’!  Sorry, that’s the wrong analogy, perhaps I should say won by ‘ the length of a putter’; answers on a postcard.

Enough frivolity, here are all the scores:-


Winner John Kiddle 21 pts. John Bark 19 pts. George Jackson 15pts. Gus Drake 15 pts. Cliff Goodman 12 pts. Martin Butler 12 pts. Frank Weedon 11pts. Stan Hegarty 11 pts.


          Next week tee times:- Tuesday 09-30hrs-40 &50 

                                        Thursday 09-30hrs-40 &50 


Happy Golfing, you lucky devils!


Vice Captain

On behalf of the Captain Frank Weedon


Ps. Thanks to John Kiddle for providing the results.

At the time of writing, it appears Sid, Laurie and I will be unable to join you; perhaps in another two weeks?