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Vice Captain

Chris Cock

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As amended March 2020
The normal R & A Rules of Golf apply.

Rule 1 Handicaps

Probus members will play off their club handicap less two strokes unless they already have a Probus Golf Society Handicap.

Players who score less than 10 pts on official golf days ( Thursdays ) for three rounds out of four in any one month will receive 2 shots back on their handicap.

         Handicap reductions ( handicap cuts) will apply to all Thursday games as follows:-
	A player scoring 19 or 20 points will be cut two strokes.
	A player scoring 21 points or more will be cut four  strokes.
	A player with a Probus GS handicap of 4 or less will be cut just one stroke.

c) 		Guests will play off a maximum handicap of 18 or their club handicap less two strokes if lower.  Or their Probus Golf Society handicap.  Guests handicaps will be adjusted the same as for Probus members.

Rule 2  Gimmies

			No gimmies are allowed under any circumstances, however a player must pick-up if he is certain he can not score on the hole.

Rule 3  Order of play
			The captain will determine the order of play.

			No firm rules were agreed but as a principle a member’s guest should play with that member.

Rule 4  Register of Guests

Any Probus Member may invite a guest to play in the Probus Golf Society but they must be present, subject to c), and are responsible for that Guest and must ensure they are registered with the Probus Golf Society.
All Guests must appear on the register of Guests showing which member invited them and is responsible for them.
Only one guest will be permitted to play with a member at any one time but more than one guest may be registered with a member.  Another member may take responsibility for a member’s guest but they will then count as their guest.

Rule 5 Preferred Lies 
		Players may take Winter Rules relief at all times.  This means, on the fairway or putting green fringe, balls may be marked, lifted and wiped and placed within 15cm, no nearer the hole.

Rule 6  Relief

		If a ball enters a river or water marked by RED stakes or comes to rest in a place where the player declares the ball unplayable, relief under penalty of one stroke is allowed under the normal rules of golf. i.e.  The ball must be dropped at the nearest point of relief, within two club lengths.  Note:- You can not choose to drop where there is a gap in the trees, this must be within reason the spot that the ball entered the hazard or was lost.    

Rule 7   Approval by the Probus Club

		Any rules agreed by members of the Golf Society need to be approved by the Probus Club.
Rule 8  La Noria Golf Club—Hole 4

		A player may elect to play from the Red tee boxes upon an addition of one stroke to their score.

Rule 9      Wild Boar fence ( local Rules amended) Any player’s ball landing within two club lengths of the fence but not within the hazard, will be entitled to take a TWO CLUB drop from the FENCE, without penalty. Normal rules apply to dropping the ball .


                  The Dave Hislop 3 Club Trophy  will be a three club plus Putter competition.

                 The President’s Cup will not be held in August and therefore will be held over an eleven month period, best six scores to qualify.


Frank Weedon

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