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A Question of Port!
Panel game hosted by
Chris Cock

Probus Club Costa del Sol

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From left to right:  Team Sliders Frank Garvey, Captain Gordon Ritchie and Frank Weedon. Team ‘De Udder Tree’ Ken Sykes, Captain Simon Baldwin-Purry, (Quizz Master Chris Cock) and Cliff Riley

The Quizz Master sets out the Rules of Engagement.

Cloud Callout: Yes!
Cloud Callout: Got it!

This was obviously a WINE question!

Oval Callout: Blimey

Where on earth did you think that

 one up from?

Oval Callout: Are you sure Ken?
Oval Callout: I’m not sure Ken
Oval Callout: We’re in trouble Simon!
Oval Callout: Rugby World Cup—it was England. No Problem!
Oval Callout: Simples!!!

Ken Sykes, Simon Baldwin– Purry and Cliff Riley

The Victorious Team!

World Champions of ‘A Question of Port’